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Kamares Sifnos


LITSA ROOMS are located in Agia Marina, a beautiful location near Kamares, the port of the island and within 500 meters from the beach of Kamares awarded with the blue flag. Sifnos, which belongs to Kiklades, is an island with unique beauty and long history. Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Its unique sandy beaches with the crystal clear waters, the amazing sights which someone can see by following the traditional paths, the traditional settlements and the numerous churches create unforgettable and sweet memories for the tourists!

The tour around the island will amaze you. Visit Kamares and its port. It attracts a lot of tourists and you can find there taverns, bars and shops which will attract your attention. Walk in the picturesque streets of Apollonia, the capital of Sifnos.

Here lies the heart of the night life. In the famous ΄΄Steno΄΄, in the cobbled street where you can find bars will have fun until morning. In the surrounding streets you can discover shops, cafes and patisseries where you can taste the famous sweets of Sifnos. At “Platis Gialos” you will swim in the famous sea of the island, at Kastro you will see the medieval settlement, at Exampela you will be amazed by the image of the traditional settlement, at Artemonas you will see a unique image of the old mansions, at Faros the small picturesque port will make you travel to history etc.